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K.I.nd Of Human



K.I.nd Of Human," a music and dance production by arcis_collective.

Video made by Alfonso Fernández Sánchez 


"Our lives are filled with warm empathy for the people around us. However, for a long time, we have been surrounded by cold technology, which envelops us like a cloud of lightning-fast information. The level of innovative research surpasses the imagination of most people. Through the use of artificial intelligence, humans are able to program the independence of a machine, teach it perfection, and reproduce the same result without errors. Machines can make their own decisions and perhaps even develop their own thoughts soon. It is astonishing the great strides we are taking, and perhaps we cannot control what we have created. But where does the uniqueness that defines the essence and destiny of being human remain? We are unique. We are human."


The Team

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Roberta Pisu

Composition: Leonhard Kuhn

Music: Arcis Saxophone Quartet (Claus Hierluksch, Ricarda Fuss, Edoardo Zotti Jure Knez)

Dancers: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez, Fabio Calvisi, Vittoria Franchina, Elisabet Morera Nadal

Lighting: Michael Heidinger

Costume: Bregje van Balen, Lucia Zettl

Sound Design: Diana Hütter

Assistant Choreography/Stage Production Assistant: Francesca Poglie, Sonja Oberkofler

Video and Post-production: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez

Behind the scene

Photographies by Alfonso Fernández Sánchez

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