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"I HAVE SEEN THAT FACE BEFORE" describes the thoughts and feelings of the performers in the moment between the last seconds of the performance and the first bow. An attempt to process a whole spectrum of emotions in a heartbeat.

Choreography: Giovanni Insaudo | i_VESPRI

Dancers: Sandra Salietti Aguilera, Hélias Dorvault

Video: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez

Musik: SON LUX - Sever, Jerskin Fendrix - Bella and Max | Poor Things, BFRND & Vladimir Cauchemar - Hedge Fund Trance (Part 1), WOODKID - Minus Sixty One / Seen That Face Before


Premiere: 9th March, 2024 | @ROXYULM Supported by: TanzLabor Ulm

Behind the scene

Photographies by David Kalwar
Videoprojection by Alfonso Fernández Sánchez

VIDEO Design

Video: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez

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