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"2x GETANZT" - that is the new experimental concert format of the Arcis Saxophone Quartett, entering its second round.

Video made by Alfonso Fernández Sánchez


Two choreographers independently work with two dancers each to create a 20-minute choreography to the music of the quartet. The music remains the same in both cases. And the pressure is high because everyone must adhere to the "rules of the game":


1. You only have 5 days to create.

2. The music is the same for both choreographies.

3. The music is delivered only 5 days before the start of rehearsals.

4. The musicians are part of the scene.

5. Props and costumes are only what can be obtained.


Both choreographies are performed consecutively, allowing the audience to witness how differently the choreographers' creative minds work. In conversation, the audience gains insight into the motivations behind each artistic decision.


Choreographers: Roberta Pisu, Matteo Carvone

Dancers: Clara Cafiero, Erica D'Amico

Music: Arcis Saxophone Quartett Composition:

Leohnard Kuhn, Emma O'Halloran

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